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Our inflatable paint boot...
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Última Mensagem: inpaintbooth
04-17-2018, 10:57 AM
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labtool 48uxp crack
Fórum: Chegadas & Despedidas
Última Mensagem: autokey
04-17-2018, 12:54 AM
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Setup WFOE
Fórum: Entretenimento
Última Mensagem: Elitestage
04-16-2018, 12:24 PM
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Heavy Duty Traveler Cash ...
Fórum: Entretenimento
Última Mensagem: cubemachine
04-16-2018, 12:20 PM
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Octagon Money Machine Har...
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Última Mensagem: cubemachine
04-16-2018, 12:18 PM
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Geotechnical Drilling Rig...
Fórum: Sugestões
Última Mensagem: hardrockdrills
04-16-2018, 08:49 AM
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2015 TPU&PVC Clear Blue C...
Fórum: Chegadas & Despedidas
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04-15-2018, 10:52 AM
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Evento de Pascóa [ 16 - 0...
Fórum: Eventos In-Game
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03-17-2018, 01:54 AM
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Quiero Recargar Credito P...
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Última Mensagem: Fanta
02-23-2018, 01:09 PM
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Vendo Tribal Crest
Fórum: Mercado
Última Mensagem: Majestoso[Oficial]
01-22-2018, 05:15 PM
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  Our inflatable paint booths are one of a kind in the market.
Inserido por: inpaintbooth - 04-17-2018, 10:57 AM - Fórum: Seção de Guilds - Sem Respostas

Our inflatable paint booths are one of a kind in the market. They are not just the ordinary normal ones found in your nearest market since a lot of features have been improved and major drawbacks of the ordinary ones taken care of.
Our booths come in different sizes so as to care care of customers diversity.This is in regard to customers requirement and the place where the booth is too be placed. In regard to this some customers go to an extent of requesting for a customized size which we also offer within a short period of time.
The booths we offer have translucent roof which allows good flow of light and also prevents accumulation of heat inside. The materials used in making the booths are environment friendly since they are biodegradable. Once the customer decides to do away with the booth, there is no fear of causing environmental hazards since the material will decompose after some time.
We also ensure that the material used in making the booth is light in weight,portable and of tough texture to improve on its lifespan as well as it movement from one place to another. This makes it easier for one booth to me moved from one place to another without having fear of destroying the material. The tough material makes it hard for the booth to be pierced by small sharp objects and thus reducing cost of repairs by a significant value.
Our customers are able to select their favorite color of the booth they buy since we don’t stock just few compact colors. The customers are also given free advice on how to make the booth last longer. Our inflatable paint booths are always tested before selling to ensure that their quality is up to standard and wont frustrate the user.
In terms of prices ,we are customer friendly. All are prices are low and we have considered customers purchasing power, in regard to this we offer after purchase free services which include free delivery to the nearest customers.

Tagged: paint booth installationspray booth companiesspray booth maintenance

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  labtool 48uxp crack
Inserido por: autokey - 04-17-2018, 12:54 AM - Fórum: Chegadas & Despedidas - Sem Respostas

labtool 48uxp crack
Super STAR key calculation tool, for the latest technique matched to speed key currently, world found; BE match a new style the best sharp weapon which speed key!!!!!
Function characteristics:
1-strong!!!This calculation tool overall support 1999-2011 of havings speed W series red outside the key data be born.Support new style(NEC) electronics lock head W221, W164, W212, W204, w169;support(MOTOROLA) the series of Motorola MCU; W220, W203, W210, W211, W209, W202, W208, W215, W230, W219 etc.
2-convenience!!!This calculation tool is born 8 pair of key, demand(EIS) electronics lock head data, not demand processing(ESL) direction lock;ESM;(file module)(ECU)Launch a machine computer;(ECT)722.9 auto gearbox computer
3-intelligence!!!This calculation tool ability auto analysis(EIS) electronics lock head type and appearance;Bedrock model number;Mileage number;End the key amount of the usage;The key amount of the previous usage;Key amount of discard etc..
4-fast!!!This calculation tool is born 8 pair of key, need 10 minutes completion.Safety calculation, precision without any error.
5-found!!! This calculation tool solved-W203/W211 etc. car type duplicate keys a demand(RENEW) to wipe empty Siemens computer FLASH(29 F400/29 F800) MCU of hard nut to crack, and aim at 722.9 auto the car type of the gearbox computer world hard nut to crack that need to be drive authorization!
6-safety!!!This calculation tool hardware adoption latest the bank system encrypt chip design, safety credibility, function stability.
Disclaimer! ! ! This tool for the automotive electronics repair device, for normal maintenance services, not for illegal activities, users must comply with local state laws and regulations! ! !

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  Setup WFOE
Inserido por: Elitestage - 04-16-2018, 12:24 PM - Fórum: Entretenimento - Sem Respostas

Stage 1: Check name and Pre-approval of name of WFOE
Agency: State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC). Processing time is within 2 working days.

Stage 2: Application for setting up WFOE
Agency:Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Get the Certificate of Approval needs15- 20 working days normally.
Stage 3: Processing of Organization Code License
Agency: Need about 3 working days normally. Processing fee is RMB 120.
Stage 4: Industry and Commerce registration Agency: State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC). Processing time is 7 working days.
Stage 5: Tax Certificate by Taxation Bureau Agency:Municipal Local Taxation Bureau. Processing  time is within 5 working days.
Stage 6: Verification report
Agency: Elite Stage. Processing fee is based on the registration capital and processing time is within 7 working days.
Stage 7 - Engraving Services for Enterprise Seal to be used on official documents
Agency: State Public Security Bureau. Processing fee is RMB 400 and processing.
Stage 8 - Registration of Administration of Foreign Exchange for overseas capital transfer
Agency: Foreign Exchange Control. Processing time is 20 days after acceptance of the registration.
Stage 9 - Opening Bank Account and verification capital account
Customer processing: Any reputable banks. Processing time and fee depend on the charges of each bank.
Stage 10 - Registration for Financial LicenseAgency: State Financial Bureau. Processing time is 2 days after acceptance of the registration.
Stage 11 - Registration for Statistic and Audit License
Agency: Regional Bureau of Statistics of China. Processing time is 2 days after acceptance of the registration.
Stage 12 - Final Business License
Agency: Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Processing time is within 5 working days.

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  Heavy Duty Traveler Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine
Inserido por: cubemachine - 04-16-2018, 12:20 PM - Fórum: Entretenimento - Sem Respostas

[Imagem: hard-case-money-machine-15.jpg]
cash machine money boxmoney tornado machinetravel money boxwind tunnel money machine.
Money Blowing Machine would also be great fun at a party. Having one at a family reunion, graduation party, or a wedding would be entertaining and an awesome way to give a gift to everyone invited. The cash machine may be used in the events like fundraising chances to enter the money booth thus can be raffled off, and the currency could be certificates for grocery stores or restaurants.

In most cases, there are first rules that each contestant in the money booth must follow. Such as only grabbing the bills in the air, not being able to scoop from the floor, and not being able to trap the bills against the side of the machine. Other than those things, it’s all “up for grabs” so to speak. See how you can use one to promote your business!

Size: 35″ wide x 39″ deep x 85″ height

WEIGHT: 195 lbs
Coming up with a great product isn’t that difficult for some, while others can effortlessly sell ice to an Eskimo if given that face to face interaction time. However, the challenge exists in getting that interaction time. With hard economic times,
customers want guaranteed results and benefits of theuse of a commodity and that is why most prefer to use tested commodities. So, how do you get that invaluable face time with your customers while they still want guaranteed wins even in promotional and entertainment events? Well, it’s as simple as using hard case money machines.

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  Octagon Money Machine Hard Case Cash Machines Casino Cash Cube
Inserido por: cubemachine - 04-16-2018, 12:18 PM - Fórum: Entretenimento - Sem Respostas

[Imagem: money-machine-cash-16.jpg]

Tags: cash machine money boxmoney tornado machinetravel money boxwind tunnel money machine.
There are two main money machine types that a business could choose for their promotion. Each type of inflatable money machines or hard case cash machine (money booth) is available in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. It is also possible to either buy or rent the money machine you’ve chosen for your occasion. What type of currency is put into the cash machine is up to the business owner? It could be one-dollar bills or any denomination you choose; it could even be funny money or discount coupons or even gift certificates.


  • Space Required: 32.5″ x 44″ x 93″

  • Power Required: 1 x 20 amps

  • People per hour: 100+

  • Set Up Time: 15 minutes
The question begs though. How and why are money machines better than other marketing methods? To begin with, they allow you to plan which payment method (cash or vouchers) to use way in advance. They are also a better way to attract customers and create excitement about your event or booth, and they are
versatile. I.e. they offer playability for all people of all demographics and age groups. There is also the options of purchasing or renting according to your needs.

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  Geotechnical Drilling Rigs
Inserido por: hardrockdrills - 04-16-2018, 08:49 AM - Fórum: Sugestões - Sem Respostas

[Imagem: 12.3000m-Geotechnical-Drilling-Rig-1.jpg]
Geotechnical Drilling rigs manufactured by Hardrock Drills are available in tractor mounted, trailer mounted, crawler mounted and vertical shaft types, etc, which could be used for shallow to deep borehole drilling, varying from 100m to 3000m drilling depths.
Powerful yet safe and reliable, Hardrock’s geotechnical drilling rigs are vesatile, they could be applied for all drilling techniques, such as rotary percussive drilling, down the hole hammer drilling, coring, injection, auger drilling etc.
The geotechnical drilling equipment are ideal for varies geotechnicl drilling applications, they could be found in applications of exploration and geotechnical survey, and construction drilling projects such as water engineering, highway, railway, and port etc drilling. What attracts the customers are their stable performance, cutting edge technology and favorable prices. You could quickly get your investment back by applying Hardrock’s geotechnical drilling machines, whether you are beginners, or professionals. Our after sales team are 7/24h online, you may always come to us for any questions regarding the drilling rigs.
More Articles:

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  2015 TPU&PVC Clear Blue Color Body Zorb Balls Cheap Zorbing Ball Sale for Kids and Ad
Inserido por: holleywebc - 04-15-2018, 10:52 AM - Fórum: Chegadas & Despedidas - Sem Respostas

[Imagem: clear_zorb_ball_blue2.jpg]
In the zorbing ball,you don’t mind being strapped in and tumbled around.You are actually quite secure inside the inner capsule because all the actual rolling/bouncing is absorbed by the larger, air-cushioned outer capsule.We supply zorbing ball for playing on water or grass. This inflatable ball is very popular for kids and adults to have fun on holidays. It is suitable for both commercial use and home use. You can customized any inflatable zorb ball to start your own business.Zorb is a land based game where2 balls are tied one inside the other by ropes. The diameter of the inner ball is 6 feet while the diameter of the outer ball is 12 feet ( the dimension can be varied on customer specification ). In this sport 2 persons are buckled inside with a safety harness and rolled down a slope .Since it is an extreme sport , it is advisable to follow medical guidelines in case of recent surgery , pregnancy , etc. Care should also be taken to avoid this sport in case of intoxication and immediately after meal.Zorb Ball, Zorb Ball for Sale, Zorbing Ball, is an extreme sporting adventure, name Inflatable Zorb Ball as well, fairly fashionable and popular in modern entertainment for kids and adults by being rolled down slopes, ramps or walking and riding on grassplot, snowfield, beach, zorbing track, orbit and pool etc. It is a must to confirm zorb ballconditions fine before playing and to take care of the safety with harnesses well inside, or tying the handle outside on thezorb to something fixed with a rope. Then just walk, ride or run it, or stay rolling with the zorb ball, you will feel spinned around in so much fun!

Zorb Ball includes These Accessories:

1) Two sets of harnesses inside optional

2) One or two entrances

3) Two handles on each entrance

4) One pump or blower with CE/UL certificate

5) One repair kit, including spare material, glue and valve etc.

6) Welcome Customized brand, logo printing, OEM and ODM etc.

Zorb Ball Using Steps:

1) Inflate the zorb with our pump as inflator you receive.

2) Find the entrance, two entrance in standard, some having one.

3) Take off anything sharp from players, including high heels, mobile, watch etc.

4) Fasten your seatbelts and double check to make sure the safety.

TPU has better quality than PVC ( double price than PVC ):
1, TPU has higher strength and higher tenacity than PVC, so loading weight of TPU can be as heavy as 180kgs but PVC 100kgs;

2, TPU is odorless but PVC smells some kind of acrid especially under hot weather condition, so TPU is more environmentally friendly than PVC;
gh purity and PVC is a mixture, so TPU will keep clear all the time and PVC will fade and become yellow as time passes by, so TPU’s lifespan is longer than PVC because of its resistance to oxidation.


1.We test each water ball for 3 days to ensure the ball seamed exactly well.

2.We provide the zip oil, glue and material pieces for repairing in case

3.We shall guide you to repair the ball during all the life span of the water ball.

4.The quality guarantee period is 1 year.

5.This product can be produced according to customer’s requirements.
6.Free Accessories For Your Order: Zipper Oil, Glue, 20M rope storage bag, and instructions.
body zorbing bouncers bouncy castle bouncy castle for sale bouncy slide bouncy slides Bubble soccer football zorbing glow zorb ball inflatable advertisement inflatable advertising inflatable ball inflatable bouncer inflatable bouncers 

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  Evento de Pascóa [ 16 - 03 até 30 - 03 ]
Inserido por: Fanta - 03-15-2018, 07:30 PM - Fórum: Eventos In-Game - Respostas (1)

[Imagem: Happy-Easter-pokemon-30376299-500-344.jpg]
Evento de Pascóa 2018.
Smile Neste evento de Pascóa de 2018, não tem muitas novidades em relação ao evento de 2017, é o mesmo evento com novos prêmios.

Em Que se Baseia o Evento:  Big Grin
- O Evento se baseia em invasões aleatória nas cidades de Pikachus de Pascóa que dropam ovos de pascóa de acordo com o pikachu que for morto, existe 4 tipos de pikachu de pascóa cada um trás seu respectivo ovo em suas mãos.
Como receber meus prêmios:  Sleepy
- Assim que você tiver coletado 50x ovos de pascóa de cada cor ( purple, pink, red, yellow), você deve ir no NPC Riven na área do evento de Páscoa e comprar 1x cesta vazia, assim com todos itens ir até o NPC Manolo na área do evento e trocar por uma  cesta cheia.
Quais os prêmios que posso receber no evento:  Rolleyes
- Os prêmios que você pode receber no evento são os seguintes.
  •   Held X-Attack do tier 1 até o tier 7.
  •   Held Y-Regeneration do tier 1 até o tier 7.
  •   Held Y-Defense do tier 1 até o tier 7.
  •   Held Z-Boost do tier 1 até o tier 7.
  •   Held Z-Vitality do tier 1 até o tier 7.
  •   Moltres pokemon box.
  •   Articuno pokemon box.
  •   Zapdos pokemon box.
  •   Raikou pokemon box.
  •   Celebi pokemon box.
  •   Tyranitar pokemon box.
  •   Shiny Riolu pokemon box.
  •   Shiny Lucario pokemon box.
  •   Suicune pokemon box.
  •   Groudon pokemon box.
  •   Shiny Darkrai pokemon box.
  •   Rayquaza pokemon box.
  •   Dialga pokemon box.
  •   Mew pokemon box.
  •   Mewtwo pokemon box.
  •   Regirock pokemon box.
  •   Registeel pokemon box.
  •   Pokeball Box. (Item de carga/Enfeite)
  •   Pergaminho de global exp 100%.
  •   Obscure Stone.
  •   Protect Scroll.
  •   Computador pokemon. ( Item decorativo )
  •   Susten Lavender Box.
  •   Susten Cerulean Box.
  •   Pikachu easter doll 1. ( Roupa comemorativa do evento )
  •   Pikachu easter doll 2. ( Roupa comemorativa do evento )
  •   Pikachu easter doll 3. ( Roupa comemorativa do evento )
  •   Green experience potion 30min.
  •   Mystical experience potion 1hr.
  •   Yellow experience potion 1hr.
  •   Loremaster doll. ( Item decorativo único evento de pascóa )

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  Quiero Recargar Credito Por Donate Points
Inserido por: yeyin1591 - 02-23-2018, 05:06 AM - Fórum: Perguntas & Respostas - Respostas (1)

Adm tem algum número para recarregar crédito? o que acontece esque Eu quero recarregar crédito para doar pontos Eu sou da Bolívia

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Brick Vendo Tribal Crest
Inserido por: Majestoso[Oficial] - 01-22-2018, 05:15 PM - Fórum: Mercado - Sem Respostas


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